VED Exemption Change

40 year rolling VED exemption to be based on year of first registration rather than year of manufacture.

Peugeot 205 Reproduction Carpet

We get asked a lot about new carpets for 205 but we have been unable to give a positive answer. Until now that is......

2017 Charity Support

In 2017 CPUK will be supporting the Prostate Cancer UK charity so we will have collection canisters at all our events. This is an extremely worthwhile…

Classic Parts Re-manufacture

In response to the demands of owners searching for parts for their classic Pugs, the Peugeot Classic parts service, with the help of the PSA Parts Division, has started re-manufacturing replacement parts for older Peugeot vehicles.

London - Ultra Low Emission Zone

We wish to draw the attention of all Peugeot owners to the proposals of the Mayor of London to reduce pollution levels in London. The…