Part Finder 2024

At CPUK we are acutely aware that one of the biggest concerns that Peugeot owners have regardless of the age of their vehicles is how and where to source parts to maintain those vehicles. Although it is not possible for CPUK to keep stocks of parts, what we can do is help to identify parts and try to source them at advantageous prices. To identify parts we have a full set of parts microfiche for older models as well as all the up to date parts listings for later models. Our microfiche slides cover all models of 104, 204, 304, 305, 404, 504, 505, 604, J7, J9 and Peugeot Accessories. We also have a range of Talbot & Simca slides! Our up to date parts listing cover the full current Peugeot range (cars and commercial vehicles) plus all models of 106, 205, 306, 307, 309, 405, 406, 407, 605, 607, 806 and J5/Express van. For other vehicles , such as 203, 403 or older, we will still try to help although this may take a little longer.

If you have the part number, email (or call) us and we will search our systems to try to find the part for you.

If you do not have the part number let us know the Model,Registration Number and / or the VIN/Chassis number of your vehicle so that we can identify the correct parts for you.

Of course there will be times when parts are genuinely impossible to source but at least you will know that CPUK has tried its best to use all the systems available to find the part you need and regardless of whether we can source the part or not we will always let you know as soon as possible after your enquiry.

Our email address for parts enquiries is or call us on 07970 257599.