Vintage Revival Montlhéry

Pre-War Registrar, Janette Horton, reports from the “Vintage Revival” held at the historic Montlhéry Autodrome on April 20th/21st. Although no longer used for racing, this banked circuit located just south of Paris survives intact and is still used by the French motor industry. The 300 cars and motorcycles (all manufactured before 1940) covered a wide range including Amilcar, Avions Voisin, Bugatti, Morgan, Buick, Salmson to name but a few. 

Peugeot interest ranged from the 402 Darl`mat to the 350cc twin cylinder motorcycle.  Jonathan Rishton, Editor of The Automobile , drove his 1922 open tourer , all the way from England and completed several laps of the track.   Other notable Peugeots were the Bugatti designed 1913 Bebe Peugeot of the Frot family and a lovely white 403 Convertible.

The Vintage Revival Montlhéry, with its flavour of `yesteryear`, was a great success both for those taking part and for the spectator.