The Long Way Down in a 304 Cab

Actually the journey took us to the extreme points of Britain. Dunnet Head in Scotland, St David’s Point in Wales and the Lizard in England.
How many places have you visited in our lovely country – how about the eerie Clootie Well in Scotland or a tin mine in Cornwall preserved from the day it closed? As each day was planned to be around 200 miles we left plenty of time to visit unplanned sites and places together with a few walks admiring the wonderful scenery.
This was a truly unforgettable journey around Britain in a very special little Peugeot 304 cabriolet. Our route, on 1970’s roads, covered a total of 3680 miles at an average of 38.8mpg and was the first journey after a 6-year rebuild.
The whole article includes details of the trials and tribulations associated with the rebuild, the history of the car before I owned it, and a review of the trip itself, including photographs

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