Like Father, Like Daughter!

Keith Herbert's daughter Emma has told us about a fantastic adventure she is planning. She writes;  “As you probably know, Dad has been a Peugeot fanatic for many years and has been a member of Club Peugeot for quite some time too.
The reason I am writing is Dad has an old 504 which has travelled around the world from Australia to be with him and I am now going to take it on the next leg of its journey. The car recently was the subject of an article in Autocar magazine (Autocar 21/11/12)
I am now planning a charity road trip with my 3 year old daughter through France and possibly down to Spain or Italy, the love of driving and exploring is in the blood! I write for a living anyway so it is my intention to document the journey and write a short book at the end which I will sell with proceeds to go to charity, MS and Cancer specifically as those are the diseases that unfortunately have brought dad's ability to enjoy his cars to an end.
I am sure there are many people still in the Club that remember dad and would be interested in following our journey. I also intend this to be a fun adventure with my 3 year old and I plan to call the book “Two Girls and A Lion”. Lola's nursery has asked me to do an early year’s edition for the children too. I have a website set up, a Facebook page and two pages for the charities involved”


If anyone is interested in knowing more about Emma`s adventure and how to donate or help in any way then please contact us on