Importing a Vehicle into the UK-An Update

“But I am bound to sign off by saying with a heavy heart that for the first time in my experience of dealing with them, I am seeing what amounts to an organisational bias within DVLA against historic vehicles”.


This is a quote that we have taken directly from the latest Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) newsletter and illustrates the obvious frustration they are feeling in their recent dealings with the DVLA in Swansea.


We get asked many times about registering an imported vehicle into the UK and whilst we point people to the vehicle dating advice page we have put together on our website it is obvious to us that buyers are still willing to purchase vehicles with not one scrap of identifying paperwork.


Whilst we completely understand the euphoria around buying any vehicle in the case of Classic/Historic vehicles you cannot let your heart rule your head over the documents! Things could get expensive, very time consuming and frustrating very quickly!


Having taken this advice and satisfied yourself that the documents that come with the vehicle are in order then you must think about getting the date of manufacture. This is a recent obscure rule brought in by the DVLA which can be the most difficult hurdle to get over. With regard to The Peugeot Archive in order to obtain a dating certificate (attestation) they have various rules that they apply with regard to originality of the vehicle involved. There is one thing buying a “box of bits”  with every number matching and original body but buying a substantially modified from original vehicle with different engine and obvious changes is quite another!


We would never want to put anyone off importing a vehicle but all we are trying to do is point people in the most painless direction in being able to get the vehicle UK registered!