CPUK Supporting Parkinson’s

Each year CPUK selects a charity to be supported during the year, via donations made at events and the proceeds of the raffle held at our National Rally.

Previous charities supported include the British Heart Foundation, the Stroke Association, the Alzheimer Society and the Prostrate Cancer Trust.

The Club Committee has decided that in 2022 we should support the charity Parkinson’s UK. Representatives of the charity are delighted that we will seek to raise money in order to assist with their work and below there are a few words from their Regional Fundraising Manager about the condition and their research:-

“There are over forty symptoms of Parkinson’s disease including tremor, pain, and hallucinations however everyone’s experience can be different.

Sufferers of Parkinson’s disease need treatments now – not in ten years, not in twenty years but now.

We are funding research that can give sufferers hope for the future and that can help people feel themselves again. Better treatments are needed so that sufferers are more able to do even the simple things such as tying shoelaces, buttering a piece of bread and playing with children.

Together, we are a people-powered movement. We are shaping research and we are changing lives. We believe that we are close to major breakthroughs and we can’t stop now.

We can find a cure, but we cannot do it without you.”

CPUK will try to raise as much money as it can for the charity during 2022 and hopes that its members will support that effort.