Chairman’s COVID Message

I would like everyone to know that even though the social side of CPUK is presently curtailed the rest of our Club is working very much as normal. We have been working behind the scenes to update the software that runs our website and we have introduced a new Membership Application system with personal and vehicle details being captured at the point of application thus reducing the delay caused by the retrospective manual input we previously had to deal with. The system has been live now for over a month and it all seems to be working exactly as it should which is great. All enquiries are being dealt with as soon as possible after they arrive so as not to cause any delay in work that you are doing or parts that you are looking for. As usual we will do everything we can to make your Peugeot life just that little bit easier!

In closing I cannot emphasize enough the positivity surrounding our Club and we encourage you all to share your stories with us so that we can keep all our spirits up!  If you have any stories go to our Facebook page at

Above all Stay Safe everyone. Ian Kirkwood (Chairman, CPUK)