Motofest Coventry

Saturday 1st June & Sunday 2nd June

Two days of non-stop cultural celebration and motoring madness and a weekend of free family fun in the UK's Motor City, Motofest Coventry represents the heritage of every transport related item through the ages.

CPUK reserved parking area in the prominent position of Council House Green.

A truly tremendous transport extravaganza!

Contact: Doug Whiffen

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                        <div class='adr' >
                            <div class='street-address'></div>
                            <div class='extended-address'></div>
                                <span class='locality'>Coventry</span>,
                                <span class='region'></span>
                                <span class='postal-code'>CV1 1JD</span>
                            <div class='country'>United Kingdom</div>
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