Coventry Motofest - CANCELLED

Coventry Motofest 2020 - CANCELLED

No other city in the United Kingdom has a heritage of transport innovation and development to match Coventry and Motofest continues to grow and grow in this celebratory weekend.

With CPUK’s reserved parking area in the prominent position of Council House Green this year, there’s every reason to attend, especially if you haven’t already experienced this event. Competitive motorsport will take place on the ring road and there will also be cars, motorcycles, live music, trucks, buses, films, stock cars, armoured vehicles, taxis, art, stalls, design, education, prototypes, engineering, and even some bicycles taking part.


Basically, if it’s got something to do with transport, has a connection to the City of Coventry and probably involves an engine in some way, it’ll be here.There’s always so much going on, and quite simply everything is free to attend.

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