Peugeot 205 Gentry

Certified value by Lancaster Insurance at £3500. There has very recently been an issue with a slipping Drive-gear!. I initially thought it was the link between the gear selector and the gearbox because the gear selector movement was quite stiff. I had the link inspected and greased and now it is as smooth as butter to select gears, but the slipping gear issue continued!. I now know it is an internal issue in the gearbox. I have known this car since 1998!. It belonged to my late girlfriends sister back then, and she was and still is a very sensible driver. There was one previous owner before her, and she was a middle-aged female. She later passed it on to her father in the early 2000’s. My late girlfriend acquired the Gentry in 2005 and I was a named driver on her insurance. She was a sensible driver and I am a sensible driver. I took ownership of the Gentry in December 2015, purely to keep it running for her, for when she got well from her illness, but she died in April 2016. I have been maintaining it since then!. I have spent several thousand pounds on servicing and replacement parts and a partial-body respray and a wax-oil coating underside but now the gearbox is playing up!. I think it is a minor issue!. A month before the slipping gear was noticed, the gearbox had new oil put in it!. I can’t afford to keep it running and it deserves to be kept running!. The car is structurely very good and it would make for a nice restoration!. I believe there are only 34 right-hand drive Gentry’s left, registered with the DVLA, out of 300 right-hand drive, made. Mine is one of them!.