404 Family Estate

For sale my late Fathers 1971 Peugeot 404 Family Estate petrol manual. Genuine 61474 miles. He was an early CPUK member for many years. Original colour light blue. My Father took ownership of it in 1979 from his Brother who bought it new in 1971 it’s a K reg. My father used it for around two years including a couple of family holidays to wales.
He then took it off the road to start and restore it over a number of years in the early eighties. So not been driven since 1981 and as far as I can recall not started since about 1998. Due to on going ill health untill his death this year its not been worked on since 1998 but it turns over freely has fresh oil in it. I remember as a child him doing a lot of work on the car to repair any corrosion. It’s had new front wings and all the doors seem to be structurally sound. All the stainless steel chrome work looks in good shape. Chassis looks solid just showing surface rust. He collected and purchased loads of spare parts including a NOS door skin, NOS tailgate all genuine Items. New headlamps, new tail lights. New exhaust plus spare system.  Full set of spare glass. Some spare wheels. Spare gearbox. The original interior is all there which would clean up very well. He bought another 404 estate in 1985 and stripped it for spares as it was too far gone to save, so there’s alot of spares to future proof the vehicle. The car would need further restoration as seen in the photographs but when done would be a very rare uk spec, low mileage, one family 2 owner car and definitely worth saving with some time and effort. Not many come up for sale but nice ones when they do seem to make good prices So it must be worthwhile getting it back on the road.
Open to sensible offers and sold as a restoration project. If I’d got the time and will to restore and keep it I would but unfortunatley this isnt the case. More photographs available on request as only allowed to upload 6 photographs on the advert.