205 diesel for sale - still going strong (CPUK Member)

There can’t be many cars still in daily use with 280,000 plus miles on the clock - but this is one.

Our 205 GLD has been in the family for almost 30 years, bought new by my late dad in January 1992.  But the imminent Ultra Low Emission Zone extension in London means that after 25th October it will cost us £12.50 a day just to drive.

The MOT runs until 23rd November.  The only advisory outstanding is some underside corrosion near the fuel tank.  The cam belt was changed in 2019 at 267,340 miles.

This amazing little car is still pulling like a train and averaging 48-50mpg, even with urban driving.  In its long life it has taken us all over the UK and around Normandy.

It has had a few bashes and bumps over the years, some of which are still visible.  The bumpers need repair or replacement.  The dash clock is out by some hours, and not easily adjustable.  The trip meter doesn’t work.  Recent repairs include a new starter motor, new rear lamps/indicator units, and two new tyres (front).

If there is someone out there who appreciates this car and will keep it running that would make us happy.