1995 Peugeot 205 ‘Mardi Gras’ turbo diesel, 3 door, blue

This is a 1995 - registered Peugeot 205 Mardi Gras 1.9 turbo diesel in grey-blue metallic, with electric windows, power steering, (Britax) tilt sunroof and original Panasonic stereo. I have owned the car since September 2009 (at 113,000 miles) and for most of that time it has been garaged. It has been carefully maintained mechanically since then, including oil changes (with fuel and air filter) every 3-4,000 miles and using only Shell diesel. The bodywork has also been carefully looked after and the bonnet and boot lid were resprayed in 2015. As you would expect, there is no rust or corrosion. I have a complete record of the service and MOT history.  The engine starts on the button (it is important to allow it to continue pre-heat after the light has gone out), runs smoothly and the (non-intercooled) turbo is surprising fun. Once the fuel tank and line were cleaned in 2010, it has been completely reliable and all electrics and lights (with the exceptions under ‘points to note’ below) work. I have enjoyed owing, driving and looking after this car immensely: it a perfect design with great character and when I am working on it people always come up and want to chat about it. If I had the space to store it off the road, I would keep it, but the time has come to move on.
Works include:
1. New clutch and cable, new front suspension including wishbones, shocks and track rod ends and bushes, new glow plugs, fuel tank flush 2010
2. New radiator
3. All belts (including timing) changed in 2010 and again in 2015 (with new water pump)
4. New drive shaft and CV gaiters in 2015
5. New front discs and pads
6. New fuel filter and idle speed regulated 2016
7. New front tyres 2018 (Dunlop), new rear tyres (Pirelli) 2015, spare in good condition in cradle
8. New starter motor 2018
9. New battery and new heater thermostat 2019.
Points to note:
10. When I bought the car it had no wheel trims. I tried to find decent replacements of the originals without success, and because those particular trims sat proud of the rims they were vulnerable to damage and loss. The trims now fitted, as many will realise, are from a 106 XT of the same era: they sit within the rim and are all in good condition. I also have a fifth spare.
11. The cooling fan will come on sooner than it should when sitting in traffic, but the car has never overheated. I have tried to get to the bottom of the reason for this, including adjusting reducing the idling speed of the engine to the correct level. The rad has also been replaced and the coolant changed several times. We recently discovered a loose clip on one of the coolant hoses, which could have been affecting the coolant pressure. We have replaced the clips but not yet tested whether this has improved engine cooling at idle.
12. The off side front wing was replaced in 2011 following a collision with a van while the car was stationary. We were not able to source the ‘Mardi Gras’ decal for the replacement wing, so this is missing.
13. There is a noticeable scratch on the off-side rear of the roof, which the previous owner had repaired with touch up paint. The scratch originally extended onto the boot, but that has been resprayed. It has been on my list to have roof resprayed, but I keep it polished and it is otherwise in reasonable condition.
14. Both front and rear bumpers have been replaced. The rear is an original part but I the only available front bumper at the time was a pattern and although I keep the bumper conditioned with Autoglym bumper and trim, it has peeled. It should be possible to source an original (scrap) replacement from France, but I have never got round to that.
15. The boot light has never worked.
16. As you will see from the photographs, the cap of the gear stick has perished and split off. I have tried without any luck to find an original replacement. I have the parts of the cap (the plastic gear indicator and the parts of its rubber seating) stored in the ashtray, and these could be carefully glued back into place.
17. The reservoir for the rear windscreen washer has always leaked and I therefore keep it empty. It all works however and the reservoir probably just needs replacing.
18. The RHS dial illuminator has recently failed.