1986 205 CTI. Mileage 116,340 (CPUK Member)

I purchased this car in April of 2008. It had been resprayed, had a new roof and retrimmed inside. It is not in standard trim.

It was very pretty but in poor mechanical condition. My garage man, a Peugeot specialist, put this right for me discovering that a 1900cc engine had been installed.

I have been unable to discover any of it’s history prior to my purchase.

The car has a full service history since 2008 and a large document file.

It was featured in the Club Peugeot UK magazine “The Peugeotist” in June of 2010 entitled “A 205 CTI on a whim” the magazine is in the document file

It passed its MOT on 20.04.2022

Please note it does not have power steering, electric windows or electric hood…it is a totally manual car (and better for it).  It does show signs of wear and tear but would be easy to bring back to it’s 2008 condition.

I have absolutely no idea of it’s worth so I will consider the offers received over a period of time, I’m in no great hurry.