106 Roland Garros (Phase 2)

Here for sale, we have my beloved 106 Roland Garros Edition, my first car and one I have enjoyed owning for the past two and a half years, however, now it is time for me to move on and to pass this green gem onto someone else.

For a car that is 23 years old, this car has incredibly low mileage of only 55,000 and the car is near enough in the condition to match with full-service history and all receipts for any work that has been done to the car both before and whilst I have owned the car. I will now go over the positives and the negatives of the car as I can appreciate that a well-detailed advert is always needed:

Positives: The paintwork is incredible and when waxed and polished up the metal flakes in the ‘Grand Slam Metallic Green’ paint really do pop. The interior is in amazing condition with the back seats looking like they’ve never been sat in.  The engine is flawless and pulls as it should do. The alloy wheels have also been refurbished in the last month putting them back to the same mint condition as they were 23 years ago when it left the factory. A new catalytic converter has also been recently fitted as well as a wheel weight rebalancing following the wheel refurb.  The low mileage, as well as the rarity of this car (with only 400 phase 2 RG editions being made in the UK),  make this car truly a gem that cannot be missed!.

Negatives: The paintwork, whilst in very good nick, does have some chips here and there but it is to be expected for its age. The driver’s side bolster does have some damage but it is minimal at best (see pic below). The Roland Garros badges on the carpets have also worn away over time, but they have not worn any further since I have had the car. The car has been in two accidents since I’ve had the car and has been written off on both occasions BUT please note that the car was a CAT D when we bought the car. The most damage to the car is focused on the rear driver’s side area where there is some paint damage on the corner of the rear bumper as well as over the wheel arch but is nothing major, merely needs a touch-up.

I have been as honest as I could possibly be in this advert but to truly appreciate the car I encourage coming to view the car. If you wish to arrange a viewing or have any questions don’t hesitate to call or text me on 07895817838. Cheers!