Salon Retromobile - Paris Expo

Billed as the premier salon for those with a love of old cars, this is a great show to attend. L`Aventure Peugeot Citroen DS have a massive stand at their "home" show and will have some great exhibits on display from the Museum as well as from  many French Peugeot Clubs.

Autojumble,Books,Models, Auctions,Planes,Trains,Boats,Motor Bikes, Military and not to mention all the other Marques that are on display make this an amazing event!.

For further information:

Event Map

                        <div class='adr' >
                            <div class='street-address'>Porte De Versailles</div>
                            <div class='extended-address'></div>
                                <span class='locality'>Paris</span>,
                                <span class='region'></span>
                                <span class='postal-code'>F-75008</span>
                            <div class='country'>France</div>
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