CPUK Opening Lunch - Oxford

De Vere Oxford Thames Hotel, Henley Road, Oxford OX4 4GX

Jump start the Events season with a convivial Sunday lunch in the hotel restaurant, backing onto the Thames.

Meal choices can be made on the day from either the 2 course menu at £21 or the 3 course menu at £27.

Reservation requests to Alison by Friday 2nd March please.

Contact: Alison Budd  at events@clubpeugeotuk.org

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                        <div class='adr' >
                            <div class='street-address'>Henley Road</div>
                            <div class='extended-address'></div>
                                <span class='locality'>Oxford</span>,
                                <span class='region'></span>
                                <span class='postal-code'>OX4 4GX</span>
                            <div class='country'>United Kingdom</div>
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