Watch out for Scammers

We make every effort to check the authenticity of adverts prior to insertion but it is impossible for us to check the authenticity of replies to ads so, before parting with any money or goods, please try to ensure that the offer is genuine.


Things to be wary of are; bad grammar, requests for up-front payment, unusual email address, etc.. If in doubt please contact

The following is part of a response recently received that we believe to be a scam;

“Perhaps we can proceed with the sale by providing your details such as name that cheque will be payable to,mailing address mobile phone number in order for the cheque to be issue and deliver to your doorstep via Royal Mail Service.Respectively…However logistics transportation will be added to the cheque,you will deduct actual price and transfer the remainder to the mover/shipper that will come arrange for collection”.

There are so many alarm bells ringing with the wording in this response and thankfully the seller flagged it up to us before anything untoward happened and has asked us to warn others.